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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thought about Puri Yatra-2008 by Sarvajna Prabhu

It's already one month passed since this wonderful event happened. Still, I practically remember everything: Morning nectar from Satsvarupa Maharaja, profound realizations of Dhanurdhara Maharaja, who, speaking very simply and sincerely, touched my heart, ecstatic kirtans on parikramas, talks by senior Vaishnavas on the holy places, incredible feasts of Jagannath maha-prasadam, and even more nectarian evening sessions with Dhanudhara Maharaja, Madhavananda Prabhu, Fakir Mohan Prabhu and other Vaishnavas.

I can understand that my only qualification to experience this mercy was that Vaishnavas kindly allowed me to do some insignificant service to them. This is the key point made in "Navadvipa Dhama Mahatmya" by Nityananda Prabhu in response to Srila Jiva Goswami's question about how one can enter into the Holy Dham. It is possible only if we attract mercy of Vaishnavas - dear servants of Lord Chaitanya. They are so compassionate to the fallen conditioned souls that they sometimes engage them in devotional service even when they don't want it. That was my case - I came with an enjoying spirit but instead practically didn't have any time to relax - sometimes up to the point of chanting my japa late at night after a whole day of service. But it was really ecstatic! And I'm very much grateful for these days and anxious to have that time again. I feel that I left in Puri some particle of my heart and will never forget it. Thanks to all the devotees, who took part in this wonderful parikrama.

Desiring to remain your humble servant

Sarvajna das


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