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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Misc Bhubaneswar 2005

Below are a few pictures from some parikramas and research we did here in Bhubaneswar in 1995:
Bindu Sagara: this lake was created by Lord Shiva for Parvati from all the sacred rivers of the universe in the center of the lake you can see the island they use for the candan-yatra festival of Sri Madan Mohan.

This is the Lakshmanesvar temple in Bhubaneswar where Lord Rama's brother Lakshman worshiped Lord Shiva

The ancient Yameshwar (now pronounced Jambeshwar) Mahadev temple, where Yamaraj worshiped Shivaji

Found in a 20 foot deep well, outside the Lingaraj temple in Bhubaneswar, this is said to be the deities of Lingaraja's mother and father

Megheshwar Mahadev temple where the personified clouds worshiped Lord Shiva

This saintly lady has been serving the deities at the Megheshwar temple for many years

Left to right: pujarini at Megheshwar temple, Janice E Miller (mother of Madhavananda Das) and Pradosh

Mrs Miller and
Pradosh at the temple of Brahmeshwar Mahadeva in Bhubaneswar. This is where Lord Brahma worshipped Shivaji

Pujari at one of the many side temples at the Brahmeshwar Mahadeva complex

Closeup of carvings at the Brahmeshwar temple

The ancient temple of Bhaskareshwar Mahadev, where the sun is said to have worshiped Lord Shiva

Left to right: Our friends Srivatsa Puja Panda and Madan Mohan Das. Madan Mohan Prabhu is a Gaudiya Math devotee who has been living like a babaji at the temple of Gauri Sankar for many years. Whenever we come to visit there he is very happy to see us and provides everyone in our group with a place to sit. Srivatsa Puja Panda is a brahmana who lives next to the temple, he is almost always there when we come.

This deity of Satyanarayan (Lord Vishnu) was found about 50 years ago when they drained the Bindu Sagar lake (see top) for cleaning. He now stays in one of the main temples at the Gauri Sankar temple complex. Madan Mohan Prabhu (seen above) has been staying in His temple and performing the worship. Many deities were found on the bottom of the lake. It is common for Hindus to put broken deities into the water. They may have also been put in the water out of fear of invading muslims.


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hey Madhuvananda prabhu...
Nice blogs you've done here. I ended up having to sign up to simply post this comment so it looks like I've got a blog now.
I'll let you know if it gets any decent content. Got heaps to write but so little time. Wouldn't it be kewl if we could expand into extra bodies? Great for extra seva.
Love what you're doin' .. the Bhubaneswar stuff is making me homesick. Oh well, once I get free of the deep dark well of family life...
Ys tarunkrsnadas

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